Our Founder

Sam Cho

Our founder, Sam Cho had a passion for the outdoors which resulted in a visionary idea of lodging next to National Parks – so that customers like you could enjoy and experience the wonders and beauty of nature like he did. He had a grand idea – to provide family fun, affordable options to ALL from RV’s, tiny homes, and glamping tents all easily accessible to National Parks across the US.

About Sam

Sam recently passed away at a young age of 41 due to the battle with cancer. He left behind a beloved wife and three children, Ruth, Grace and Sophie. His favorite times were to spend quality time as a family in these parks. We want to continue his dream of providing safe, family friendly, fun stays at national parks. 10% of our investor’s profits will be donated to charity in his honor.

His quirky personality was to buy sunglasses in bulk so he could spend as much time as he could in the outdoor sun enjoying his favorite pastime. Please use the sunglasses given to our guests as a token of our appreciation to experience the beauty of nature through his eyes.

Have a fun stay!

Have a fun stay!

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